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2013 Archive

Oct 11

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!About noon on Tuesday, Teo dropped in on his final ski run.  I have no doubt that doggie heaven is filled with snowballs and elk poop flavored treats. Turns out all the recent issues are tied to a megaesophagus and some time saturday night or sunday […]

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Oct 01

Tough Day

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Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!The last 96 hours have been a little challenging.  My first thought was he caught his wrist in a squirrel hole in the backyard.   Starting Friday he was increasingly stubborn, growly and un-motivated to perform the basic function of pooping.  Sat and Sunday were weird but […]

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Mar 28

Teo up to his ears in deep powder.  It’s remarkable the vertical hop height he can achieve. Our first trailrun of the spring.  Still a little snowy but worth the effort. Spring crust cruising for the ball.  The squeak was frozen so he didn’t get the result he was expecting.  

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Mar 21

It’s a bumper sticker I saw on a ski bum car last week.  While it relates to skiing big lines and looking good doing it, I think it’s a great reminder of the struggle the dogs and their owners here go through. It’s been almost 3 months since Teo’s surgery.  The best way to describe […]

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Feb 09

Teo celebrated his 1 month mark yesterday; he has adapted so well to his new life.  His coat is filling in very well, the seroma is gone and he has more energy than he knows what to do with. He’s been training hard to get ready for a ski trip later in the spring.  Jumping, […]

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Jan 22

Teo got the green light to go big from the vet today.  He does have a moderate seroma under the incision site however we are going to give it a week or 4 to absorb and mitigate itself.  He got his stitches out and got the all good to run, play ball, rip sick snow […]

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Jan 20

Young Teo is rearing to go…… on walks, play ball, sit in the snow….. anything we will let him do!  His mom has taken him on some adventures to the park and he’s had some play dates with his quad friends.  Everyone seems to sniff his scar and then take it easy with him. His […]

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Jan 14

Today was a big day for the family. Teo had grown increasingly stubborn with his eating habits during my 48 hour work shift.  I was able to pop in and help mom with critical operations like finally getting a poo out and removing fentynal patches.  But upon arrival home this morning, Teo was basically snubbing […]

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Jan 12

The great appetite Teo had that first day home was a little misleading; everything that went down the pie hole came right back up during the night, repeatedly! So we made a trip back to the vet for some anti-emetics to calm the nausea and another med to get his bowels moving. So, now we […]

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Jan 10

We picked up Teo from the vet.  I guess he had a rough first night, some general discomfort despite the pain pump catheter and he had some bleeding from the stitches.  Not unexpected given the scale of the surgery.  The vet was so great and even came in at 2am to check on him, to […]

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