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Jan 20

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Young Teo is rearing to go…… on walks, play ball, sit in the snow….. anything we will let him do!  His mom has taken him on some adventures to the park and he’s had some play dates with his quad friends.  Everyone seems to sniff his scar and then take it easy with him.

His tummy seems to have finally settled a bit now that we are off the Novox and he’s excited to get his stitches out on Tuesday.  I’ve cleaned out the t shirt closet to re-purpose a few and Teo was able to avoid the “cone of shame” all but one day very early after surgery.  He’s done a few stairs with heavy supervision and a little help to visit me at work.

Truck’n along down easy street seems to be the theme this week.  He’s very excited to have 2 older friends over for a 4 day sleep over and the cat is getting chased around the house again, much to her secret pleasure.

Time to grow some fur back and move on with life!

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