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Jan 14

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Today was a big day for the family.

Teo had grown increasingly stubborn with his eating habits during my 48 hour work shift.  I was able to pop in and help mom with critical operations like finally getting a poo out and removing fentynal patches.  But upon arrival home this morning, Teo was basically snubbing his nose at food and treats.

A little Tripawd site research revealed tuna and other stinky products as a must try and I think I hit a home run with tuna….. We’ll see in 48 hours if I’m being overly confident about that statement.

We removed his bandage (6 days post surgery) and all looked great in there – a neat stitch line, no puss or swelling and no redness/swelling.

And then we made a bold move, we violated Drs. orders and we took a leash-less walk and played ball!  All went well, Teo LOVED it and we confirmed that it’s up to the pawrents to throttle life back so Teo doesn’t rip stitches or worse.

As I write, kitty bad paw is eating the leftovers of Teo’s tuna/kibble dinner.  Eat it or lose it is having real consequences!

Thank you for the all the love the Tripawd community has sent, I can confidently say we are over the hump and life gets better by the hour.

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