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Jan 12

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The great appetite Teo had that first day home was a little misleading; everything that went down the pie hole came right back up during the night, repeatedly! So we made a trip back to the vet for some anti-emetics to calm the nausea and another med to get his bowels moving.

So, now we are keeping food down and lounging around in a general malaise, I swear the world he sees must be all pink elephants and butterflies.  This morning during a quick walk we came across some fresh moose tracks and he stopped dead in his hop.  In his opioid fueled world I think he was scared the moose would jump out an get him.

Soon enough the fentanyl patches will come off and he should be a little more with it.  At least the swelling seems to be going down and he is sleeping through the night.


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3 comments so far

  1. maximutt
    5:47 pm - 1-12-2013

    Yes, the meds can really pack a wallop on our pups. Our boy Max was also in a daze when he was on all those meds. Teo’s a strong boy. He’ll figure it out soon enough, and before you know it, he’ll be back to “normal” again!

  2. jerry
    6:04 am - 1-13-2013

    Oh Teo I’m sorry to hear that! Well yeah, like Maximutt said, those pain meds can do a doozy on us. They suck and they help and the same time, I don’t get it ya know?

    Hope that today is a better day. Keep us posted.

  3. ruger3
    11:19 am - 1-13-2013

    Teo’s story is so similar to my Ruger’s story! We went through all of this at the beginning of December, so i feel for you guys! I’ll say prayers for a fast recovery for him! Once they get off of the pain meds they start returing to themselves…Ruger was a complete weirdo when he was on his 🙂

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